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subject [Mint Blade] Troubleshooting Guide.
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This is a Mint Blade soundbar trouble shooting information.
Mint Blade Soundbar & Wireless Active Subwoofer
1. The Power is not turned on.  
 Check that the power cord is connected securely.
2. The main unit does not work
1) Disconnect the power coed from the power outlet for a few minutes.
2) Reconnect the power cord and try to operate it again as usual
1. There is no sound coming from the main unit.
1) Check the volume level.
2) Press MUTE to deactivate the muting function.
3) Check that the main unit and device are connected correctly and securely.
4) Check that both the main unit and the selected device are turned on.
5) The connected S/PDIF device may be set to AC3(Dolby Digital) output. Change the source device output to PCM.
6) Check that you select the right mode according to the connection.
2. There is no sound coming from the subwoofer.
1) Check whether the subwoofer is turned on.
2) Move the subwoofer closer to the main unit. Try to pair the wireless subwoofer with the main unit.
3. Buzzing or humming is heard from the soundbar system.
1) Check that both ends of the cable are connected securely.
2) Test the cable on an alternate device and replace it if the same problem occurs.
4. A very high or low level sound is heard from the subwoofer speaker.
Check whether a very high or low level sound is heard even though the subwoofer volume level is 0.
[Screen Image]

1. There is no picture on the TV screen.
1) Check that the TV is selected correctly.
2) Set the TV to the appropriate input mode.
3) The system may not work correctly if you select a device that is not compatible with the HDMI function on the TV.
4) Check whether HDMI IN and HDMI OUT jacks are connected correctly.
[Remote Control]

1. The remote control does not work properly.
1) Point the remote control at the remote sensor on the main unit.
2) Remove any obstacles in the path between the remote control and the main unit.
3) Replace the battery in the remote control with a new one, if it is weak.
4) Make sure you select the correct input on the remote control.
If you have another trouble of using it, please sending the trouble information as below e-mail.