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subject [Mint Raindrop] Troubleshooting Guide.
writer admin date 2012/07/05 hit 13,788
This is Mint Raindrop troubleshooting information.
[No sound]
1) Make sure that all cables are connected correctly.
2) Turn up the volume on the connected device.
[Buzzing sound or sound interference]
1. Make sure that all cables are connected securely.
2. Check if there are any obvious radio frequency interference sources near your system.
3. Move the speaker and the Bluetooth slowly to find the best reception position.
[Not paired with the device.]
1. Place the speaker within a range of 10 meters (30 feet) of the Bluetooth device.
2. Reset the speaker and try pairing again.
If you have another trouble issue, please sending the informaiton as below e-mail.