Warm yourself, not your room. The Navien Mate gives you the wonderful warmth you want, right where you want it – right there in your bed. It’s energy-efficient and eco-friendly.


Just connect your heating unit to your ultra-slim mattress topper with our easy one-click connector, fill with purified drinking water, and choose your preferred settings. Voilà!

“My Navien Mate is the perfect companion for my luxury mattress. I sleep like a  dream every night, even in the midst of our New England winters!”

– Amy Williams, Maine / Facebook

“I like my bed nice and toasty, but my husband doesn’t. Now with the Navien Mate we can have the best of both worlds!”

– Sarah Foster, Washington / Facebook

“The only thing I look forward to on cold nights. Unlike other heated blankets or heating pads, this won’t give you headaches nor the puffy face in the morning.”

– Jiyeon Kim, California / Amazon